Metal Rocks Fund Raiser

Don't worry Big Bird, Metal Rocks doesn't get any money from the government either. Metal Rocks Radio started in July of 2010 and has been playing hard rock and metal commercial free ever since. A lot of things have changed since Metal Rocks Radio first went on the air. During the first month of broadcast, Metal Rocks Radio listeners tuned in to around 800 hours worth of hard rock and metal. Two years later listeners from over 110 countries will listen to around 8,000 hours of hard rock and metal each month. With the large increase in listeners unfortunately brings an increase in cost to keep us on the air. Metal Rocks Radio was never intended to be a money making business and it never will be. Unfortunately the cost is becoming very difficult to keep up with. We are currently trying to raise a little money to cover our cost. Any size donation would be greatly appreciated using the ChipIn box to the right of this post. Thank you very much to everyone that has donated in the past and to everyone that donates in the future. \m/\m/ Rik Achet

Ron Keel "Streets of Rock & Roll" Joins Metal Rocks Radio

Streets Of Rock & Roll” is a new radio show hosted by Ron Keel, lead vocalist of the million-selling band KEEL. The music comes first, but there’s much more to this show than just the tunes – listeners are treated to the stories behind the songs and the rock stars that brought them to life, candid celebrity interviews, shameless commentary, road stories and interactive fan participation. The show is a roller coaster ride through the concrete jungle that is the rock scene – fast and reckless with a lot of twists and turns.

The music ranges from classic 80’s rock & metal to current releases from the genre’s biggest and best – rare cuts, live tracks, tribute/cover versions, stripped unplugged performances, anything goes on the Streets Of Rock & Roll. 

"Streets of Rock & Roll" will debut on Metal Rocks Radio Tuesday June 12th at 9 pm eastern and be replayed Wednesday June 13th at 9 am eastern. Don't miss it.